Congrats! : Recent Drive-Test Successes

Recent Texts (SMSs):                                  

Thanks so much for today Brendan! And for all the extra time on the lessons - you have no idea how much I appreciated it! I’ll definitely be recommending you! Thanks again! Hope you have a great rest of the day! :)

Maddie (Ferny Creek)

Thanks again for helping me Brendan!! Have been driving lots today and am about to drive to work too!! Mum and Ben thank you too because now they don’t need to drive me everywhere!! Thank you so much. Will recommend to anyone that needs their license.

Adara (Tecoma)

Hey thank you so much for all your help.

Libby (Ferny Creek)

Hey Brendan, thank you for helping me.... I found it super easy. Thanks so much!!

Amelia (Upwey)

Hi Brendan, thank you again for my license and helping me!

Tayla (Lilydale)

Hi Brendan. The car I bought is so good I love it.... Thanks for everything and helping me get my license. Sorry I haven’t thanked you earlier. I’ll see you one day soon tho!

Ebany (Upwey)

Just wanted to say a huge Thank You to you. You have been an absolute blessing and I could not be more grateful for your patience and kind heart! You are an amazing instructor and I will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know..... Have a lovely week Brendan. Thank you so so so much again. Best instructor in the world! Could not have achieved this without you!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathalie (St Kilda East)

Hi Brendan. Fortunately I passed the drive test. Thanks to you! I will definitely recommend you to my friends who need driving lessons :)

Ariya (Doncaster)

Thanks again for everything. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you!

Steph (Ferntree Gully)

Hey Brendan, ...... Couldn’t have done it without you, thanks!

Natalie (Ferntree Gully)

Thank you Brendan.  Can’t thank you enough! :)

Sophia (Endeavour Hills)

Hi Brendan :)  Thank you so much. I don’t think I could have done it unless I learnt with you. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family, a big thanks again!!!! You’re the best :) Have a good day!

Ashlee (Ringwood East)

Thanks Brendan for all your help!! :)  So happy!

Cleopatre (Camberwell)

Hey Brendan! I was really nervous I almost cried, but I passed! Thank you for everything :)

Stephanie (Endeavour Hills)

Hey Brendan. Thank you so much for the lessons, they helped a lot.

Josephine (Ferny Creek)

I hope you will enjoy the bottle of wine!  I thank you for all the help and patience. Gimme me a shout how was it!  I’ll try my best on the roads! Thanks again for everything!

Ervin (Croydon North)

Hi Brendan.... I just wanted to say thank you very much for your guidance and for being very patient with me during my practice and on the test day. And thank you too for giving me a slot despite contacting you at the last minute. You were awesome... Couldn’t have done it without your help.... Thanks again, and I hope you have a nice day. Regards, Zafira.

Zafira (North Melbourne)

Thanks Brendan for all the advice. It helped me a lot. Much appreciated.

Florence (Vermont South)

Hi Brendan...Thank you for the invaluable advice you gave me....The route was ok, but so long!!.... Again thank you very much.

Pete (Boronia)

Hi Brendan, thank you.... you prepared me well! Kind regards, Irina.

Irina (Rowville)

Hi Brendan.... Thanks again for the lessons and tips. You’re an awesome instructor!....Take care.

Sharmila (Mitcham)

Hi Brendan. I wanted to thank you for teaching Dane.... I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know needing lessons..... He would have been devastated if he didn’t get it. Thanks Brendan.

Miranda (Mooroolbark)

Thank you big time !!

Mary-Ann (Scoresby)

Hey Brendan.... Thanks for helping me with passing my test, you helped me a lot and thanks again :)

Anastasia (Forest Hill)

Hi Brendan! .... So excited!!! About to leave for my first drive to go pick up a friend! Woohoooo thanks so so much for all your help......

Prue (Balwyn)

Thanks Brendan! I’ll be sure to refer everyone I can your way!!! Couldn’t have done it without you, thanks for your training! :)

Kaitlin (Belgrave)

Thanks for your help Brendan.. Sam is stoked he passed! I’ll look you up again in about 3 years for child number 2... Regards, Keith.

Keith (Belgrave South)

Hey Brendan.... Thanks for all your help!..... It’s been my pleasure to refer you because you are a great teacher!.. You’ve got a few more coming :)

Annie (Tecoma)

Thank you so much for your help, Brendan. I’m unbelievably lucky I passed my test :).... If my friends take the test I’ll recommend you to them.

Grace (Burwood)

Thanks heaps Brendan :)

Sarah (Belgrave South)

Dear Brendan, thank you very very much for guiding me in passing my driving test. I have booked my son for his driving test..... and would like his driving sessions to be with you..... Have a nice day.

Fiona (Sunshine West)

Hi Brendan. Just wanted to say thanks again for the lessons! You really are a great teacher and really easy going. I will definitely be getting my brother to do lessons with you next year :)

Jash (Burwood East)

Thank you so much again for squeezing me in Brendan, I really really appreciate that..... and thank you for being such a great instructor. Bless you incredibly.

Mary (Glen Waverley)

So happy! Thanks for your help. If I know of anyone needing an instructor I will give them your name and number!

Bec (Wantirna South)

Hey Brendan, just wanted to thank you! Thanks for being very patient and teaching me what to do and what not to do. I really appreciate it! Hope to see you on the roads when I am driving. And yes, I’ll remember to look at the mirrors! Hope you enjoy the rest of the day. Thanks again! :) Lois....

PS: I am so glad I found you. My previous instructor was so terrible towards me.

Lois (Mt Waverley)

Hey Brendan, just wanted to say thank you so so much again for all your help! Without a doubt, I would not have been able to pass without your patience and extremely helpful instruction! I could not be happier with the results.... Thank you again. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing lessons! :)

Courtney (Rowville)

Dear Brendan, thank you so much!! You gave me so much help and confidence. Thanks!! Best regards, Margaret.

Margaret (Ringwood)

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you again Brendan for your help today. I couldn’t have made it without you changing your schedule and without your help before the test......... Thanks again, Megan.

Megan (South Yarra)

Hi Brendan, I’m so happy with the car... it’s really easy to drive... Mum says she feels confident with me in it now!!.... Thanks so much!!!

Madison (Vermont South)

Hi Brendan...... thanks for your good advice and help with the test.

David (Glen Iris)

Thanks a lot for helping me get my license. It is greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy the Chivas. Thanks again.

Dave (Croydon)

Hi Brendan. Thank you so much for all your help!!..... the reverse park method is genius!.....

Natalie (Belgrave Heights)

Hi Brendan, I haven’t been able to wipe the smile off my face all day! Getting my P’s has been 12 years in the making and I definitely could not have done it without you. You are a phenomenal instructor and very knowledgeable about the rules and the test routes. To top it off, you are very personable and make driving totally stress free. I truly appreciate all of the extra time and for getting me up to speed in a short time frame. Thanks again, you’ve changed my life! - Sejal.

Sejal (Brunswick West)

Hey Brendan, just wanted to say thanks for your help - definitely helped a lot. I felt pretty comfortable performing that difficult right turn with the medium strip on the Test. I’m glad we did the practise!

Matthew (Ferntree Gully)

Thanks heaps. Will arrange payment (for the gift voucher) asap.... Thanks again - you have been great :)

Tayla (Phillip Island)

Hey Brendan! ..... Everything is going well... I will have wheels to go with the license soon, I hope :) .... thank you again for everything! .... It was fantastic to learn from you! Best of luck to you and your students :) :) Live long and prosper! Haha

Georgia (Doncaster)

Hi Brendan. I’d like to thank you for not only teaching me the necessary skills for driving but for also sharing your own techniques and experiences. You took me from being a total beginner and your lessons included Peak Hour & Non-Peak driving, Freeway driving, Mountain driving, Night driving, Hook-turns, dealing with Multi-level carparks, looking out for the “Body Language” of other vehicles, and thinking about “Plan B’s” and “What-if” scenarios.... I can’t recommend you enough when it comes to your knowledge of the test routes and your commitment to success.

Kevin (Burwood East)

Want to say another big thank you for all your help towards getting my license! Couldn’t ask for a better teacher! :) Thank you Brendan! :)

Teissa (Mooroolbark)

Hi Brendan, it’s Holly’s mum here. Just wanted to say thank you for the lessons you gave her. She has learnt a lot from you. She is one happy girl and I will be back in touch when I need lessons for my next one. Thanks again, Tracy :)

Tracy (Selby)

Hi Brendan, just wanted to thank you again for helping me pass my driving test. I’m now driving to uni thanks to you! I’ll definitely be recommending you to my friends as you were super patient with me and taught me things that not many other driving instructors would have! Thank you :)

Amber (Mt Waverley)

Thanks again Brendan for all that you’ve taught me! I’m feeling really comfortable on the road and have already driven so much.... It’s just so good to be able to visit friends and what not!.... Be nice to Annie today, haha!.... Also I’ve recommended you to my younger cousins who are beginning to get their learners :)  Have a good day!

Holly (Selby)

Thank you so much for your help today Brendan!! Really helped me feel more confident with the test and what I had coming. Such great help and awesome instructor to be with in the car :) Thanks again and God Bless!!

Tania (Narre Warren)

Thank you Brendan. You are a wonderful coach.

Yi (Burwood East)

Hi Brendan! I want you to know that I found you to be an enthusiastic and fun loving driving teacher. I had many laughs and always learnt a lot from you in our lessons (You have taught me skills and techniques that I now use automatically in my everyday driving). You made learning all the tricky test techniques simple by teaching things thoroughly and gradually. On the test day you were encouraging and calming.  Thank you! You were super super helpful :)

Tayla (Boronia)

Hey Brendan! I just wanted to say thank you so much for your lessons! I honestly wouldn’t have been able to pass without you and your positive and calm attitude. You made the test a lot less stressful than it would have been. Thanks again!

Natasha (Croydon)

Brendan, once again I want to thank you for your support and professionalism. I really enjoyed my driving practice with you :))) Thank you! I did well because I had the best teacher :) Take care :)

Laura (Camberwell)

Hi Brendan! Before I started lessons with you, I was completely convinced that I would fail my driving test but you taught me well and I actually passed! Thank you so much for helping me not only pass the Test but for teaching me how to be a better, safer, more confident driver (and also some life lessons and facts along the way)!! Didi

Didi (Doncaster)

Hi Brendan, ....  I’m getting much better... Thanks for your help!..... hope you had a good day today..

Yolanda (Mitcham)

Hi Brendan! I can’t thank you enough for helping me pass my driving test. I wouldn’t have passed if you hadn’t helped me. You not only are a great instructor, but also a nice person. Definitely I recommend having lessons with you.... Thank you for eveything!! Natalia

Natalia (St Kilda)

Thanks Brendan. You were great, easy to get along with and calming to be in the car with - Thank you!

Molly (Belgrave South)

Hi Brendan, its Jo. I’m so glad you helped Ryan pass! Thank you so much!!

Josephine (Ferny Creek)

Hey Brendan, thanks so much again!! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Sarah (Bayswater)

Thanks for everything :)

Courtney (Croydon South)

Hi Brendan, I was glad to refer Diane to you. I will always recommend you to any of my friends who wish to learn how to drive, coz you are the best! ..... Sorry it has taken so long but I wish to pass on a testimony for your webpage.... here it is :)

“It’s been 10 years..... I have finally got my licence. Thank you Brendan.... thank you for your patience, your kindness and your professionalism. Although I passed my learners permit nearly 10 years ago, the driving instructors I had before you never gave me the courage to try to sit for the road test. You not only showed me how to drive properly, but also helped build my confidence. I still remember the day we went for my licence... I couldn’t believe I passed it with only one attempt. I really appreciate all of your help and support. You were not only a driving instructor, but also a mentor and a friend. Thanks again for everything! Now I finally can drive myself around with a smile on my face.”

Chen (Burwood)

Hey!! Thanks so much for everything you did for me :)

Yoshi (Mt Waverley)

Hey Brendan... Thanks for the lessons. They helped a lot! Cheers.

Bayley (Lilydale)

Dear Brendan, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING... You were such an awesome instructor... I wouldn’t have been able to have done this myself (I was on the verge of giving up on lessons until I found you)..... Best wishes...

Kimberley (Lilydale)

Hey Brendan, thank you so much for all your help! I couldn’t have passed without you!

Anupama (Rowville)

Brendan, all I can say is thank you so much for being a patient and great teacher! Not only are you a great instructor but your advice and tips make driving less stressful and more enjoyable. I’ll always be grateful for your help. Thank you!!

PS: I’ll make sure I read the Stig’s book for more handy tips! Thanks heaps!

Nikol (Mt Waverley)

Hey Brendan. Thank you so much for the lessons and being supportive and heaps of fun to be around as well! Definitely made my day by helping me get my license :) See you in the future for some manual lessons! :)

Emily (Doncaster East)

Hi Brendan. Thank you :) I loved having you as a teacher and you’ve taught me so much :) .... I hope you have a great Christmas.

Dominique (Brighton)

THANK YOU Brendan:

Thank you so much for all your advice, not only specifically for the drive test but for driving in general! I’m so glad I contacted a capable and knowledgeable instructor who was ever willing to teach and go above and beyond expectations :) I’d especially like to thank you for the time you spent trying to find an earlier drive test appointment for me...... and for making sure I was completely ready for it by squeezing in extra lesson time whenever you could do a crash course for me! Thank you for being really friendly and patient with me, not to mention honest, too!

I hope you like the chocolates, they’re a small token of my appreciation and an early Christmas gift! Best of luck in all that you do in future, Brendan!

Best Regards,

Michelle (Notting Hill)

Hi Brendan. It’s Lisa (James’ mum). I just want to let you know that you’ll probably receive a call from James’ best friend (Stephen) in regards to driving lessons. We’ve highly recommended you! So I just thought I’d let you know!.... You might have a few more coming your way via us also... so I hope you don’t mind!! Thank you!

Lisa (Ringwood)

Hi Brendan. Glowing Review: Thanks so much for all the help and advice - and especially for all the extra time! I really appreciated the way you made me feel at ease while taking the lessons as well as on the day of the test. Will definitely recommend you to others :)

Mae (Upwey)

Heey!!..... Thank you so much for being an amazing driving instructor. You made me feel so comfortable around you!!

Ashley (Mt Evelyn)

Hi Brendan. Thx for your time and effort..... and we appreciate you being so accommodating and professional. Cheers!

Karen (Mt Evelyn)

Hi Brendan.... Thank you for the help.

Brianna (Croydon)

Hey Brendan... Thanks so much for your help, couldn’t have done it without you! :)

Miriam (Ringwood North)

Hey Brendan :) I love having my licence so much. Life is so much easier. Thanks so much, you’re a great instructor :)

Olivia (Mt Evelyn)

Hi Brendan...... thanks for your help! :)

Susi (Malvern East)

Hey Brendan..... I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to help me pass my test! ....... I’ll hopefully hear about you soon from my friends who will be turning 18 later on in the year. Have fun out there.

Erin (Blackburn South)

Thanks Brendan..... you have been absolutely amazing and I really appreciate everything you have done.

Danielle (Ferntree Gully)

Thank you so much! I just drove solo this afternoon and I’m still riding the buzz from this morning’s success. Couldn’t stop smiling all afternoon. You’ve been an absolutely phenomenal teacher. Never felt more relaxed behind the wheel. Loved learning from you, hearing about your stories and advice on cars. I’m genuinely going to miss our little conversations..... I’ve already recommended you to all my friends (even to my 5 month old niece.... you never know :) )

Emma (Blackburn)

Thank youuuuu very much :) :) :)

Claudia (Melbourne CBD)

Thank you for being a great instructor!

Michelle (Ferny Creek)

Hey Brendan! Thank you for being an awesome teacher! I’m honestly so glad that I stumbled across your website because I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. I’m looking forward to finally having a bit more independence :) All the best :)

Ishani (Glen Waverley)

Dear Brendan, thanks for helping me pass my driving test!!!!! Never thought I could do it on my first attempt but I did, with your help of course. Thanks for always telling me countless stories about your past experiences... I’ll see you around!!!! (yeah you are not getting rid of me... my brother needs an instructor too) :) :)

Samantha (Glen Waverley)

Thank you so much Brendan!.... I initially felt so nervous, but after the lessons with you, I felt calm and collected walking into VicRoads for my test, and fully prepared for whatever they’d throw at me. I honestly wouldn’t have passed without your guidance. Thanks again!

Sophie (Mont Albert)

Thanks so much for everything.... wouldn’t have been able to do that well without yah!

Abbey (Boronia)

Hey mate thanks for everything these past couple of weeks !! Much appreciated and I will be recommending your name !!!!

Brodey (Yarra Junction)

Hi Brendan........ The thanks goes to you. You were wonderful. Will be in touch when number 2 needs to learn to drive!! Cheers JODY

Jody (Mt Waverley)

Hey Brendan, thank you for all the lessons and helping me pass !! Yay !

Casey (Mt Evelyn)

Thanks Brendan!.... Thanks so much for everything!

Miranda (Mt Waverley)

Hi Brendan..... Thank you for all your help, really appreciate it ! :)

Cecilia (Glen Waverley)

Hi Brendan.... :) :) :) Thanks so much....

Tamara (Dandenong)

Hi Brendan..... Thank you so much again for all your efforts!!... Thank you for your patience and dedication. You made driving an enjoyable experience for me, which has left me feeling more confident about driving on my Ps. Your professionalism and experience meant that when the test did come around, the route and instructions were already familiar. I couldn’t have passed without you!!.... Will be in contact soon re my brother (Daniel), hope you have a lovely day!

Stephanie (Mt Waverley)

Hey Brendan. Just wanted to say thank you again for all your help with driving. You made driving fun and something to look forward to. Will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know....  Mum is forever grateful for taking the work runs off her hands! Thanks again, you’re a legend *

Taylah (Mt Waverley)

Thank you again, Brendan, for everything. I’m so blessed to have had you for an instructor! All the best for you and your family :)

Ma Viel (Blackburn)

Thanks heaps for all of your help Brendan, today is your win too!!!!! I was terrified the entire time, but it’s over now, thank goodness!!!!! You have been an absolutely tremendous help.... thank you very much!!!

Natalie (Belgrave)

Hi Brendan! .... Thank you so much..... definitely helped a lot!  Monica :)

Monica (Glen Iris)

Thx for today and getting both my children through their driving tests.

Alison (Lilydale)

Thank you so much.... :) :)

Elizabeth (Lilydale)

Hi Brendan, thanks again for helping me pass my test.... really appreciated your advice and guidance. Couldn’t have done it without you, thank you!!

Tian (Mt Waverley)

Thank you so much Brendan for all the lessons and advice. You’ve made me a much more confident driver and I’m so excited to finally get out on the road!

Natalie (Heathmont)

Hi Brendan. It is a beautiful day. Lol. Thank you!

Nina (Doncaster East)

Thanks heaps for all your lessons! I’ll put a post up on facebook for you!

.... thanks!

Danielle (Kilsyth)

Hi Brendan..... thank you.... Appreciated the guidance you provided to Vimaal leading to the positive outcome on Tuesday. Thanks, Ragina.

Ragina (Burwood East)

Hi Brendan, thanks for the lessons. Every minute you taught me was very helpful and encouraging. Thank you :) All the best!

Kate (Vermont South)

Hey Brendan, thanks for getting me through my driving test! Wouldn’t have been able to do it without the preparation you supplied me. You’re so easy to get along with and comfortable to be with :) .... You were a great instructor! Definitely love being able to drive woohoo.

Lana (Ringwood East)

Thanks for Today :)

Bonnie (Wantirna)

Hi Brendan, thanks for the lessons with Sarah. We both felt very comfortable with you. It was great, she will tell all her friends.. Cheers Ally

Alison (Belgrave South)

Hi Brendan.... thanks for your help with the lessons and the tips for the test :)

Song (Wantirna South)

Thanks for your help with my daughter, Amarachi.

Azu (Glen Waverley)

Thanks Brendan!!

Abigail (Mooroolbark)

Hi Brendan, thank you again! :) Really glad I found you.... Take good care!

Kathleen (Melbourne CBD)

Hi Brendan!.... I virtually have not gotten out of the car since I passed my test yesterday. My first solo drive was incredible, I can’t even begin to describe the feeling!!

I honestly cannot thank you enough for these last few weeks - I could not have passed that without you! Despite my crazy nerves I really did feel so prepared (I mean how couldn’t I have, we literally went on every possible test route in existence!). But truly, thank you. I will 100% be recommending you to all my friends and family - after just a few weeks with you I could not be more confident behind the wheel! Thank you for believing in me and being so patient with me!!!

I will definitely miss our chats and I really do hope that I will see you around soon!!

Thanks for being the best instructor ever! Kira :)

Kira (Vermont)

Thanks for helping me get my license today, you are the best!!!!

Eliza (Heathmont)

Thanks again for all your help, really appreciate all the time you made for me and all the helpful driving tips :-) Thanks heaps!

Gabby (Upper FTG)

Thank you so much again for yesterday! I’m absolutely loving being able to drive everywhere haha! Enjoy your holiday :)

Marguerite (Ferntree Gully)

Hi Brendan..... Glad to get my license!! If you and your family happen to be in Kuala Lumpur .. Do whatsapp me .. Will buy you a beer!! Cheers!

Tan (Doncaster East)

Hi Brendan... Thank you for the detailed explanation of do’s and don’ts when driving. Pre-test coaching helped a lot.

Fabiola (Templestowe)

Thanks again Brendan. Sophie has told everyone how good you are. She has gone for a drive on her own!...  You did a great job in a short time ..... Cheers, Linda

Linda (Yarra Glen)

Yay! Thank you so much!!!! I will definitely be telling everyone to go to you! :-)))) You are definitely what got me up to scratch! Thank you!!!!

Sophie (Yarra Glen)

Hi Brendan.... Thank you so much. We will definitely recommend you.

Janelle (Montrose)

Thanks Brendan for everything, wouldn’t have done it without your help.

Su Mei (Mt Waverley)

Hi Brendan. A big thank you for helping Ben today and for my other sons in passing their licenses. All the best. Thanks, Leanne.

Leanne (Montrose)

Thank you Brendan!... just remember me as the perfect student! ha

Jesse (Vermont South)

Thanks mate.. keep in touch!

Sandie (South Yarra)

Hi Brendan, thanks so much for getting Grace through her licence. She’s very happy. One more daughter left to complete the trio (don’t retire yet!). Thanks so much again. Kathryn.

Kathryn (Glen Waverley)

Brendan, thanks for all your help in getting the boys their licence. We all really appreciated the time you spent with them. I would happily recommend you to other learners. Thanks again. Sue Tony Liam & Ryan.

Sue (Croydon)

Hi Brendan. Thanks for today & for preparing Brenton so well for his driving test :)

Yvonne (Woori Yallock)

Hey Brendan!.... Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your lessons over the last few weeks. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pass the test with only a month’s preparation, but I’ve learnt so much from you within a short period of time so I’m extremely grateful for your effective teaching methods..... If I have any friends looking to get their P’s I’ll definitely be sending them your way :)

Bonnie (Vermont)

Thanks heaps Brendan... Really appreciate it mate

Liam (Croydon South)

Yeah!!! Thanks for everything, you are a great teacher! Saludos! :) :) :)

Marlenne (Camberwell)

Hi Brendan, thank you for all the lessons, for the extra minutes, for all the tips and stories! I’m so happy I passed on first try! You were a fantastic teacher! Will surely recommend you to friends. Cheers!!!

Maria (Blackburn North)

Thanks again for all your efforts with Lachlan! I have passed on your details to a few friends already!!

Kylie (Wantirna)

Hey Brendan.... the driving’s going good finally I have freedom :))

Alisha (Vermont)

Hi Brendan..... Thank you, it’s almost a shame Chris is our last one to get their license. Thanks so much.

Cheryl (Croydon)

Hi Brendan.... Well done and thanks so much for the additional time spent... Natalie had a bad experience previously with another driving school so she was really really nervous.... We will be in touch re booking more lessons.... She’s so happy!..... Take these * * * * *

Karen (Vermont South)

Hi Brendan.... here’s my review: “Brendan was a great instructor, he was very patient and I improved after every lesson. His chatting eased my nervousness as a new driver. Thanks so much Brendan!”

Samantha (Ferntree Gully)

Hi Brendan... Thank you for your help.... Jorge, Jose and Marlenne asked me to say hi, we all hope the good Mexican driving reputation lasts many more years!

May (Richmond)

Thanks Brendan for helping Jack get his licence today.... He is one happy boy. Sorry but that’s our last kid done now but will definitely pass your number on to anyone needing lessons. Thanks again Tracy :)

Tracy (Selby)

Thanks for everything.

James (Rowville)

Hi Brendan. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your support and guidance. I still can’t believe I passed on my 1st go. Will definitely be recommending you!! Cheers!!

Parisa (Donvale)

Thanks so much for your friendly, reliable and honest service Brendan!  Ethan was so happy to pass his test and your easygoing nature was just what he needed.

Bobbi (Scoresby)

Hi Brendan.... Thank you. You have done a great job teaching Danielle and we’ll be in touch when her younger sister turns 16 and gets her Ls. Cheers Carolyn.

Carolyn (Lilydale)

Thank you so much Brendan for helping me and for teaching me things that I needed to know and for being a cool instructor. From my first lesson I immensely improved on my driving skills. Super thank you! I got my licence today... unbelievable!!!! :) :) :) Now I am gonna have a rest for this massive headache :)

Belinda (Burwood East)

Hey Brendan, here’s my testimonial for your website:

I had intensive driving lessons with Brendan and one lesson with his son, Daniel. Their teaching method is clear, systematic, informative and enjoyable. Brendan knows what he’s doing and he is passionate about what he does. He made my lessons fun and stress-free yet informative. Brendan taught me well about the road rules whilst I was driving. Obviously, Brendan has passed down his driving and teaching skills to Daniel who is also a great driving instructor. I felt well prepared and calm on my drive test day. So happy I got my Victorian full licence, converted from my overseas (Jakarta-Indonesian) drivers’ license.

Message to Indonesians who need to convert your Indonesian SIM to Victorian license:

Saranku, kalo mau lulus drive test, ambil driving lessons sama Brendan atau Daniel sebelumnya. Aku beli 6 kelas. Mereka ngajarnya bagus sekali, intensive dan jelas. Mereka juga ramah dan membuat client mereka nyaman dan pede menyetir di jalan. Harganya lebih affordable dr tempat lain dan dibayar per hari atau sehabis lesson, jadi tidak bayar dimuka sekaligus. Okay, good luck, temans!

Huge thank you to ...... Brendan & Daniel. All the best and success in the world.

Ricca (Doncaster)

Recent Thank You Cards / Gift Vouchers:

Dear Brendan,

I would just like to say thank you for helping and teaching me how to drive manual. Your patience and determination made it easier for me to learn, and allowed me to be as calm as possible in the driving test.

I appreciate all the time and effort you spent on me, helping me to not only learn manual but to also show me different approaches to parking and the different road rules around.

Again a big thank you.

From Kimberley (Vermont)

Dear Brendan,

Just a “Note to say Thank You” for your instruction and advice on getting my license restored. Your help in this was very much appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Bill (Burwood)

To Brendan:

Thank-you soo much!

Without you, it wouldn’t have been possible.....

Mary-Ann (Scoresby)


Thankyou so much for your patience!

You made me feel so at ease + comfortable behind the wheel.

I cannot thank you enough! :)

Shaunee (Monbulk)

Thank you for teaching me and for enhancing my driving skills, most specially for helping me with my driver’s licence. Knowledge, experience, patience & humor - you are the best instructor! No fighting (hahaha) thanks a lot Brendan. I am really happy.

Belinda (Burwood East)

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Congrats! : Recent Drive-Test Successes

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