How to Select Your Driving School



If you are looking for quality Driving Lessons to help you pass your VicRoads Licence Test, here is a basic guide.....

Begin your search by looking for them on the Web. When searching for Driving Lessons / Schools / Instructors in Melbourne you will come up with a long list of schools, franchises, and professional driving instructors from all over town. You can then try to narrow down your search to one you would like to have lessons from.


First of all decide whether you wish to take your driving test in a Manual or an Automatic transmission vehicle...

The great majority of people take their test in an automatic vehicle. However, if you have initially sat your Drive-test in an automatic vehicle, and wish to drive a manual vehicle before you have reached your ‘full’ licence, you must re-sit a Drive-test in a manual vehicle - any months/years that you have held your automatic licence will be credited towards your new licence.

(Once you attain your full licence you may drive automatic

or manual without needing to sit a manual test).

Just about every driving school / instructor will have an automatic vehicle capability, but only some do both.


The next most important step in obtaining your Driver's Licence is to select the VicRoads Testing Centre that you may wish to do your Test at.

(Complete List: VicRoads Licence Testing Centres)

Then try to determine as much about it as you can, such as:

* its "level of difficulty" (if it is quite hilly, then doing your MANUAL drive test there may pose issues);

* the "waiting period" for tests (VicRoads "agencies", that may only do testing once a week, can sometimes have a 2-3 MONTH waiting period compared to 2-3 WEEKS at Burwood East or Mooroolbark);

* general traffic conditions (density of traffic, presence of tram tracks, etc).

Then you should start looking for driving lessons / schools that can best prepare you for passing your Drive Test in that area..... You may come across driving schools appearing / claiming to have specialisation in your preferred area, yet they are really based on the other side of town. Be sure to select someone who genuinely has expertise in your area. The old adage of “Jack of all trades, Master of none” applies to driving lessons also! It is better to have an instructor who knows 2-3 licence testing areas extremely well, than one who attempts to cover too many poorly.

If you live a long way from a Testing Centre that you wish to do your test at, consider taking public transport (or driving with your regular supervising driver) to it or a rail station nearby. Most driving instructors will be happy to pick you up from there.... that way you will be maximising your lesson time becoming familiar with your test area. This is a popular choice taken by students who live in the inner eastern suburbs who wish to do their tests at an outer eastern suburban test centre.


You will find a lot of Driving Schools boasting about their superior services and expertise. However, finding a good Driving School requires a bit of research....

Firstly consider whether their claims are a little far-fetched.... Often you will see claims of being the “Number 1” driving school in the area or of having a “98% pass rate”. Ask for real proof of this or under what conditions this 98% rate has applied.

Some schools may have one or a few driving instructors who are very good, yet they may also have some who are not of a similar standard..... The professional expertise, experience, and temperament of THE driving instructor who will be taking YOU are factors to consider.... It may prove beneficial to choose a “sole-instructor” driving school to be assured of the exact person who will be taking you.

Ask for references from students who have previously been taught by them. This should give you a clear idea about their skills..... Ask your friends' opinions if any of them have had lessons with that school. (If the school has a testimonials page, do the comments look genuine or are they possibly manufactured by the driving school owner/s?)


There are also other important matters to consider, such as safety & precaution:

    * Will your driving instruction vehicle have a "5 Star ANCAP Safety rating"?

    * Is your Instructor a member of an industry association that requires:

            -    Criminal History checks,

            -    Safe Driving History, &

            -    Working with Children Check cards?

Be wary of those websites that ask you to email your availability to them without you even having had the chance to field questions as to who exactly will be taking you on your lessons.


As with any service based industry, prices can vary.... Those with very cheap pricing may have inferior driving instruction skills and/or equipment (some instructors leave you wondering how they could possibly be capable of relaying any “real world” driving experience/knowledge to their students; and some cars are almost ready for the car-wrecker’s yard).

Don’t forget, your driving instructor has petrol, insurance, registration, and maintenance expenses to cover.


And remember, if you are not happy with your instructor or suspect that you may be better served by another instructor, please give that other instructor a try.... avoid locking yourself in for multiple ‘‘pre-paid’’ lessons unless you are certain of the quality of the lessons you will be receiving.

Don't just settle for any driving school / instructor.....  Please try:

Burwood East Driving School



Melbourne Outer Eastern Driving School


(specialising in the

VicRoads Burwood East & Mooroolbark

Licence Testing Centres)



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