Minimum Age: 18 years

Consists of:

Pre-Drive Check &

2 On-Road Stages

Stage 1:

Reverse Parallel Park;

3 Point Turn.

Must have passed

Hazard Perception Test

PRIOR to Drive Test.


Minimum Age:

17 years & 11 months

Consists of: 25 short videos

Score of: 52% required to Pass

(13 out of 25)

Must have passed HPT

BEFORE Drive Test

Best to complete HPT a few

weeks before Drive Test date.


Hazard Perception Test - Victoria

VicRoads Hazard Perception Test:

The VicRoads Hazard Perception Test is a computer-based test required to have been passed by all candidates PRIOR to attempting their VicRoads Drive Test....

It may be completed "online" remotely, or "in-person" at one of the VicRoads designated Hazard Perception Test locations. (If doing it "in-person" it does not need to be completed at the same location as the Drive Test).

# From 29 September 2021, HPT testing may be

taken remotely online (conditions apply). #

The Test itself:


When attempting your VicRoads Hazard Perception Test you will be seated in front of a computer screen and instructed to attempt 3 “example questions / tasks” (involving short videos) prior to beginning the actual test.

Some of these questions may be in YOUR actual Hazard Perception Test, so it is recommended that you do them.

A useful link (containing VIDEO examples) that will help you practise

at home for theVicRoads Hazard Perception Test is:


(Please note: the VicRoads website now also contains some practice VIDEO

example questions..... so both sources are now regarded as the best for you

to practise for the Victorian Hazard Perception Test whilst at home).


The actual VicRoads Hazard Perception Test requires candidates to watch 25 short videos - these are viewed from a "driver’s perspective".

The test must be completed within 45 minutes, and a score of 52% (13 out of 25) or more is needed to pass.

You will be shown short (approximately 30 second) video clips and asked to click your “mouse” at a point in each video where you consider the conditions to be suitable for the “task” (such as Overtake, Slow Down, Start to Turn, Move Off) to be commenced..... sometimes NO clicking of the mouse may be necessary to successfully comply with the designated task:


For example, one task may be to:

“Click your mouse when it is safe to overtake”

and the video clip shows you following two bike riders for a period of time during which a constant flow of oncoming traffic does not make it safe for you to overtake the bike riders.

If, at the end of the video clip, you had not clicked your mouse at all you would in fact have recorded a CORRECT response to the task at hand.


Similarly, if you are asked to click your mouse when you consider it safe to move off for a right hand turn, and the video shows you waiting at an intersection with a large vehicle obstructing your view of potential oncoming vehicles that may make your turn unsafe, NO clicking of the mouse by the time the video clip finishes would award you a CORRECT response also.


Common instances of where you should SLOW DOWN are where there are:

                  - Vehicles / trams stopping / braking ahead of you;

                  - Bends in the road or changing roads surfaces;

                  - Vehicles with their indicators on;

                  - Vehicles approaching in narrow streets;

                  - Pedestrians near buses or trams;

                  - Pedestrians stepping out from behind parked cars;

                  - Pedestrians crossing the road;

                  - Slippery / gravel surfaces or rain / fog.

HPT General Information (Age / Expiry):

All candidates for the Hazard Perception Test must be at least 17 years & 11 months of age, and the test results are valid for 12 months.

If you do not obtain your license within 12 months of passing your Hazard Perception Test, you must re-sit the Hazard Perception Test. On the other hand, if you leave your Hazard Perception Test till the last minute, and fail, you will need to reschedule your VicRoads Drive Test to another date (thereby incurring forfeiture costs or transfer fees).

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Driving (Licence) Test - Victoria

Vicroads Drive Test:

Unlike the Hazard Perception Test with its required pass score of 52%, the VicRoads Drive (Licence) Test has a much higher required pass standard.

The making of just 2 errors can be enough to FAIL an applicant.... that is, for example, simply failing to do a “head check” when merging lanes and then not “indicating” at one of the required moments during a Reverse Parallel Parking manoeuvre is enough to cause an applicant to fail his / her VicRoads Drive Test within the first 10 minutes.

(The State average is for roughly 2 out of every 5 applicants to fail their Drive Test on the first attempt...... Indeed, one VicRoads Licence Testing Officer once told me that 8 out of the 9 people that attempted their Drive Tests with them the previous day were unsuccessful).

The PHYSICAL DRIVE TEST varies with each LOCATION. Some of Melbourne’s VicRoads “Licence Testing Centres” are commonly regarded as harder or easier than others, whilst others have more technically demanding yet less dangerous Test Routes than others.

(Complete list: VicRoads Licence Testing Centres - Locations).

The more you become familiar with what is likely to be asked of you during the Drive Test (please see “DRIVE TEST” tab at top of this page), and the better informed you are of the “peculiarities” of some Test Routes in the LOCATION that you are considering doing your VicRoads Drive Test in, such as the

                   - presence of Multi-lane Roundabouts,

                   - merging of lanes in particular areas,

                   - presence of “Slow Point / One Lane” streets,

                   - presence of trees / bushes obstructing your view for turns, and

                   - narrowness of median strips you may need to rest your vehicle in,

the better the chance you will have of PASSING.

If you wish to have quality Driving Lessons in Melbourne’s Outer Eastern Suburbs, or “Drive Test” coaching for the VicRoads Burwood East, Mooroolbark or Ringwood test routes, please visit the below website:


Driving Instruction is available in all of Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs. Driving Lessons are available for Belgrave, Blackburn, Boronia, Burwood, Burwood East, Chirnside Park, Croydon, Doncaster, Donvale, Ferntree Gully, Glen Waverley, Heathmont, Kilsyth, Knox, Knoxfield, Lilydale, Mitcham, Montrose, Mooroolbark, Mount Waverley, Ringwood, Scoresby, Tecoma, Upwey, Vermont, Wantirna and Warranwood, to mention only a few.


Please call or text BRENDAN on:

Mob: 0423 164 943


Ph: 9884 1868

(Please try Mobile Number First)

( If Brendan doesn’t answer his mobile immediately, please leave a voicemail

or text message and he will generally get back to you within an hour.....

ie., he will probably be on a lesson / test and unable to answer you. )



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